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Main Research

In the process of drug clinical trial, the direct goal is not to let the subjects directly benefit, but in order to understand the pharmacological effects of new drugs on the human body, adverse reactions and adaptability, draw a scientific conclusion
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Brought Challenges

Many new drugs chronic adverse reaction after the listing only gradually revealed, the clinical data of need in clinical use after the listing, or after the listing of clinical trials, so directly relates to the phase IV clinical trials.

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Multi Center Cooperation

Multicenter trial is conducted by a number of researchers in accordance with the unified test program at different locations and units at the same time to carry out clinical trials. At the same time, the center of the beginning and end of the trial.
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Risks and Opportunities

 The opportunity is always accompanied by the risk of. in the control of risk and promote the development of medical technology to achieve a certain balance between.

建议尺寸 580x580

Change of Medical Model

Evidence-based medicine refers to the clinical diagnosis and treatment of patients should have sufficient scientific basis, any decision should be based on scientific evidence, and this scientific basis should also be the best evidence.
建议尺寸 580x580

High Technology Density

The new technology of modern medical treatment is the product of the high degree of science and technology and the high degree of integration. The connotation of the new technology is developing from the previous chain shape into the system of the three-dimensional structure of the network.



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