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Safety and Environmental Protection

Safety is never an obstacle.

In the course of designing our rides, safety is the first obstacle we clear. Our rides are all manufactured with high inflatable walls to protect riders and prevent any risk of falling out. While competitors may skip on this feature or simply design rides with walls that are not high enough for optimum protection, we take every step necessary to maximize safety.

Stay cool. Stay safe.

Our slide areas are designed with mesh covers to keep the slides cool during use under the sun and prevent burns on heated surfaces, especially during the summer. Even more importantly, slide covers prevent riders from jumping off the top of high slide platforms. Most inflatable rides come with removable covers that may be replaced once worn out.

Safety begins at the doorstep of every ride.

It is very important for us to educate customers on how to properly use and enjoy our products. We make sure the first thing a customer sees upon entering a ride are the safety rules. This is to help deter and prevent misuse or abuse and the risk of injury. All of our rides have a neatly designed safety rules chart attached near the entrance of the ride. This gives riders a heads up on how to be safe while enjoying the ride. Always take your first step towards safety. We do!

Put a lid on toxins.

Although lead is a natural stabiliser that is used in PVC manufacturing, a material used in vinyl production, it is not an issue to be ignored or undermined. While most companies may ignore the issue entirely or adopt a "dodge-the-bullet" approach to addressing the issue, we have no concerns in disclosing the details. The lead in the vinyl we use in production is present in less than 100-parts-per-million, which meets the standards for consumer product safety set forth under the CPSIA by the CPSC. We also ensure that harmful phthalates banned in the US are not present in its raw material. Aside from documentation from suppliers that guarantee these conditions, we have also conducted our own lab tests to ensure the safety of the materials we use. Products made overseas are not held to United States standards for production and may contain these harmful toxins. Our products are all made in the USA to ensure optimum quality and safety.

A helping hand.

At Bravo Toys, we have prepared an educational owner's manual for our products to benefit you. You will not find a more detailed manual in the inflatable industry. Each ride comes with its own manual, with custom step-by-step instructions on how to properly set up, operate and take down the ride. The manual also informs you on how to clean and maintain your rides and educates you on issues such as setup locations, blower compatability and use, emergency actions and much more. Don't get lost with a product that leaves you guessing.




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