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Quality Assurance

No cutting corners.

Here at Bravo Toys, we are constantly striving for quality. Many manufacturers, whether US based or overseas, use sewing methods that accelerate production but expose seams in the end. While this reduces their production costs, it exposes you to future maintenance. We don't cut corners when it comes to sewing. We strive to assemble all our patterns by using a blind stitch technique. This means our patterns are sewn together and turned inside out leaving the stitching hidden. This requires much forethought and planning but the end result is a quality inflatable with nearly invisible seams.

In it for the long run.

Magic is present in all aspects of our rides. Although they are not visible, a second layer of vinyl is glued underneath high-stress areas in every ride we manufacture. This feature improves the strength and durability of the ride. Our progressive workmanship has also helped us master unique sewing techniques that reinforce our products even more, increasing longevity. Our products are all made to last.

Quality goes a long way.

We search high and low to find the highest quality raw materials and goods to put into our products. We don't need to cut corners to bring you the best products with the best deals. Unlike most factories that manufacture overseas and rely on low-cost, low-quality goods to deliver affordable products, we operate fully in the United States with the best materials available. Our efforts are all made to ensure quality products that last through the years.

Made in China.

It is no secret that when something is home-made, it is usually better than what you get elsewhere. All of our inflatables are made in our factory in dongguan,china This means that every aspect of production is carried out where you can trust standards and quality to be high. On top of this, by buying a US made product you are contributing to our economy. Trust in us to deliver on all aspects of production.

Straightforward sales.

We do not believe in bait-and-switch tactics or any other gimmicky measures to generate sales of our products. We pride on being straightforward about what we have to offer and always willing to meet your needs. Our website displays our products' prices and availability in real time, meaning the prices wont change once you get in talks with us and that products are on-site when listed as in stock. Other companies tend to show one price and pitch another while holding products in overseas factories or in transit. We like to avoid the confusion and give it to you straight.

Setting the bar high.

Since the inflatable amusements industry is relatively new, not many laws and regulations exist to govern manufacturing operations. However, we do seek out the industry-related governing bodies that do exist to ensure that we meet regulated standards in production. All of our inflatables comply with ASTM International standards and adhere to safety measures set forth by the CPSC. With regards to state laws in the inflatables industry, New Jersey has pioneered strict, mandatory guidelines for manufacturers of inflatable games to follow. These laws set high standards for safety. Not many manufacturers meet these standards with the products they design; we aim to do so with our products. Look for the icon that shows most of our products as approved by standards.

The lead content of printing inks of all products must be less than 40PPM.
Since the 2010 lunar new year, the total lead content of PVC and ink must be less than 40PPM.
By the beginning of July 20, 2011, all EU products must meet the new testing standards toys directive 2009/48/EC, and before shipment must provide technical documents of each product to the customer, otherwise the EU does not have the right to land an important entrance to! 
Starting from October 28, 2008, all the products from EU countries need to meet the REACH and 173 highly concerned substances on the basis of previous test standards (up to 173 kinds in January 2017)
Shipment to the United States, on the basis of previous old standards, also need to conform to the new CPSIA test requirements standard. And when the goods must be shipped, a copy of the test report must be attached and the entry certificate is accepted by the importer, otherwise it will be guilty of a criminal offence.
If the goods out of the United States, according to federal legislation, in February 2013 after the production of products, each product of each order will need to be prepared for the 1107 documents a new CPSIA 16 CFR and kept for at least 5 years.
If the goods out of the United States, according to federal legislation, in February 2013 after the production of products, each product of each order will need to be prepared for the 1107 documents a new CPSIA 16 CFR and kept for at least 5 years.
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