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We are bringing our products to all parts of the world to provide our customers and customers with our services. We like to see the joy that people feel when they use our products. Whether it is parties or festivals or home entertainment and decoration, we all want to see our products accompanied by them.

Whether the kids are having a blast in an inflatable bounce house or enjoying a delicious shave ice treat, its all about them enjoying life.  It is simply put, super fun just watching all the kids taking turns jumping, flipping, flopping or doing their special tricks in the bounce house for hours. What a truly inspirational setting to see all of our little keiki and their birthday party guests, friends and family members interact with one another while enjoying great times, smiling, laughing and simply having lots of fun!
Youth is such a wonderful thing; start your party off with a smile and live life to the fullest; Have fun!!
Keiki Jump Inflatable Bouncers clearly provide a tremendous amount of fun for all the kids, family members and certainly bring another form of entertainment to your party. I highly recommend renting one, two or more for all your parties what ever the theme or event size may be.

Our goal is to provide you with the most choices of inflatables and party supply rentals at competitive and affordable pricing. Additionally, we pride ourselves in delivering the safest and cleanest insured  products to you for your party needs where ever it may be islandwide.

All of our employees are highly certified in the safe operation, delivery, set up, break down and removal of all of our inflatable bounce houses or slides. We have worked with hundreds of schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, as well as directly with clients in delivering the best products for your party needs.

We can provide a full range of product design, production, packaging, transportation, customization and other services, hope that the global buyers can solve their problems in our services



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